Permanent hair removal with laser

The permanent hair removal with laser is also suitable for the intimate area - with us with lasers of the latest generation.

  • simple
  • painless
  • for whole body or areas

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Hair removal by laser is relatively simple and is absolutely painless for most people.

Short laser light pulses are applied to the unwanted hair and the follicle absorbs the light and heat of the laser. This process ultimately destroys the follicle and keeps the hair from regrowing. Laser hair removal is the most advanced and modern method for permanent hair removal.

Durable hair removal for men with laser stands for unmatched versatility and efficiency. Significant success can usually be seen after the first treatments.

Treatment procedures and the number of treatments are dependent on the individual type of skin and hair, the growth cycle of the hair and the skin region to be treated. In each hair follicle phases of growth, transition and failure alternate in cyclic sequence.

Our body hair undergoes a periodic cycle: the growth phase (anagen phase) is followed by a resting phase (catagenic phase) and hair loss (telogenesis phase). Only in the growth phase can the hair be successfully treated, since at this time they are still associated with the nutrient structure on the hair follicles.

As a rule, between six and ten sessions, four to eight weeks apart, lead to a considerable aesthetic and clinical result. As a rule, a reduction of the regrowth hair is achieved by 75% -95%.