Do you suffer from headache, stress, back pain, digestion problems, nervousness or other vegetative disorders? All these sufferings and afflictions can be a thing of the past! Leave your energy free and reserve an hour of relaxation and well-being. Experience the effective and relaxing treatments that will make your skin visible.

  • Relaxation
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More about massages

Sportmassage / Classic Massage: Sport is balance and gives us strength, elasticity and stamina. The sport massage is a supplement to the classic massage. Here you use the handles of the classical massage as well as other supplements and addresses the needs of the athlete as well as the special problems of sport.

Deep Tissue Massage: Goes directly into the deeper muscular structures and pathways of the body. Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Chronic muscle contractions are solved by deep muscle stroking and deep pressure point work on the blocked parts.

SPA body peeling or Body Scrubs as Dreamteam!!!  The effective preventive body care (medical peeling) with refined fruit acid and bamboo ensures a pure, refined and better-circulated body skin. The peeling gently removes excess skin cells and the subsequent care products can thereby penetrate much better into the skin and unfold its effect. The skin constantly forms new cells on its outer layer. Dead skin cells are thrown off, new cells move from below. Medical peels remove gently the thickened horny layer. This results in a stimulation of the connective tissue cells, which are responsible for the production of the collagen and elastin fibers. The moisture storage is increased, the skin structure is refined and tightened. Pigment spots, melasms, acnespots and age spots can be significantly lightened.

Lipomassage is also very effective in men - in the case of fat pads on the waist, on the abdomen and in the breast: Lipo means fat. The word massage is known. Such as cellulite or riding trousers. Lipomassage is the massage by means of mechanical stimulation, whose effect on fat cells, which even defy diets and physical activity, is proven. The lipomassage allows a targeted, pain-free fat removal without surgical intervention. The secret of the lipomassage is to trigger the lipolysis inside the fetal cell and to free the enclosed fats.