Hair removal with warm wax

Brazilian Waxing (also called "Brazilian Man") means the professional removal of body hair with warm wax, permanently with laser also in the intimate area.

  • fast results
  • suitable for stylings
  • ideal for the intimate area

More about hair removal with warm wax

Unwanted body hair is an extremely annoying problem of personal body care. Body hair, hair removal whole body or certain parts of the body hair are often perceived as unaesthetic and disturbing, because unwanted hair growth is often classified as "neglected" according to today's attractiveness. There are many ways to achieve the desired body look: e.g. In the intimate area. One can partially laser, remove the hair with wax or deliberately shorten it.

The hair removal by means of warm wax on a bee wax basis very quickly gives excellent results for hair removal whole body. Already after the first treatment you notice that the hair becomes softer and slower to regrow. Get rid of your unwanted and annoying hair for up to 4 weeks and enjoy a smooth and beautiful skin. So that you feel comfortable in your skin. Every day.