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Marcio Enz - Owner

Since April 1999, I have had my own practice in Zurich and gained experience of all kinds. In the meantime, I have been attending new courses and workshops to expand my range of services. From the most diverse massages, to the most modern body treatment, hair removal and cosmetics.

On December 1, 2012, I opened a new Beauty Lounge in Zurich, exclusively for men. A unique and clean environment awaits you in a harmonious and artistic atmosphere. With me you can enjoy the exclusive and professional treatments and completely switch off. I invite you to share my world of relaxation with me.

Primary and Further Education

1997/1998Massage College Zimmermann in Locarno - shooting tests successfully passed.
1998/1999Internship at Hochschulsportanlage Fluntern - Rainer Menne Institute.
1999Self-employed in my own department of sports therapy and massage "Body Work".
2012Whole-body and genital hair removal in Professional School for Estheticians Pelle D'Oro.
2012/ 2013Professional School for Estheticians Pelle D'Oro - theoretical and practical final examinations successfully passed.
2013Diamond microdermabrasion on medical level in CNC Skincare - Angela Drewes.
2013Laser in cosmetics and medical cosmetics at IFC Beauty Forum Swiss - Dr. Liv Krämer
2014Cosmetic and aesthetic treatment with laser and IPL at V-Skin Medical Beauty and CDP Swiss.
2014Vital Injection Multi-Needle Mesotherapy Gun System with V-Skin Medical Beauty.
2014Needling course with Med Beauty - Dr. Gerny
2014Intensive Seminar Professional Medical Skincare Skincare at CNC in Munich - Nadia Stone.
2014Eyes, cheeks, lips and rosacea with IFC Beauty Forum München - Dr. Frank Rösken
2015Laser protection Commissioned Course BGV 32 with Swiss professional association for cosmetics - Dr. Wolfram Gorisch.
2015Advanced Course in Facial Aesthetics AMWC in Monte Carlo.
2015Mesotherapy at DR Swiss Cosmetics, Dr. Javier Martinez.
2015Advanced Mesotherapie, Dr. Javier Martinez in La Coruna.
2016Aesthetics and dermatology tratments wich Fotona Nd:YAG end Er:YAG lasers bei Fotona Slovenia.
2023Laser workshops for aesthetic treatments with Fotona Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers at ID Consulting.
2024V-NISSG Basics at Ästhetik Verband Schweiz
2024V-NISSG Technology at Ästhetik Verband Schweiz
2024V-NISSG BKF Hair Removal with Laser/IPL at Ästhetik Verband Schweiz

10 good reasons to pamper yourself in the Beauty Lounge for Men:

For a long time, the topic of "beauty and skin care" was a purely feminine matter. But these times are now over. The trend is increasingly directed towards a pronounced and conscious men's cosmetics.


  1. Years of experience
  2. Regular training
  3. Treatment also with high-tech machines
  4. Highly concentrated active ingredient cosmetics
  5. Large selection of different services
  6. The first and only beauty lounge exclusively for men
  7. Wonderful, clean and exclusive ambience
  8. Individual advice
  9. Own customer car park
  10. Direct cooperation with specialists

360° View

Insights into the Beauty Lounge for Men